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Marketing and Semiotics
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Frontmatter -- Contents -- Preface -- Marketing and Semiotics: Defining the Scope of Their Partnership -- Semiotics of Person and Nation Marketing / Kotler, Philip -- Semiotician Ordinaire / Levy, Sidney J. -- Messages in the Marketplace / Sebeok, Thomas A. -- From Money to Dream: A Return Ticket / Rey, Alain -- A Semiotic Approach to Product Conceptualization and Design -- Semiotic Marketing and Product Conceptualization / Hoshino, Katsumi -- A Semiotic Approach to the Design Process / Kawama, Tetsuo -- Consumer Esthetics -- The Study of Signs in Consumer Esthetics: An Egocentric Review / Holbrook, Morris B. -- SYMPRAXIS–Semiotics, Aesthetics, and Consumer Participation / Kloepfer, Rolf -- Signs of Consumer Identity -- Identity and the Relevance of Market, Personal, and Community Objects / Belk, Russell W. -- Writing with Flesh: A Semiotic Interpretation of Research Findings on Body Image Attitudes and Behaviors in the U.S. / Verba, Stephen M. / Camden, Carl -- Symbolic Consumption -- The Forest or the Trees?: A Gestalt Approach to Symbolic Consumption / Solomon, Michael R. / Assael, Henry -- Combining Products in Use: How the Syntax of Product Use Affects Marketing Decisions / Kehret-Ward, Trudy -- Modern Hex Signs and Symbols of Security / Rook, Dennis W. -- Decoding Advertisements -- Toward a Semiotic of Advertising Story Grammars / Mick, David Glen -- Advertising: The Frame Message / Nöth, Winfried -- Rhetorical Figures in the Advertising Image / Durand, Jacques -- The Structure is the Message–The Case of Advertising / Langholz-Leymore, Varda -- Movies, Television, and Live Performance -- Movies as Myths: An Interpretation of Motion Picture Mythology / Hirschman, Elizabeth C. -- The Semiotics of Possessions and Commercial Communication / Passikoff, Robert / Holman, Rebecca H. -- The Marketing of Performance / Bouissac, Paul -- Corporate Imagery and Communication -- Mythology in Organizations and Marketing / Broms, Henri / Gahmberg, Henrik -- Theater in Japanese-American Negotiations / McCreary, Don R. -- The Cultural Context of Advertising -- Advertising as a Cultural System / Sherry, John F. -- The Measurement of Meaning: Sherlock Holmes in Pursuit of the Marlboro Man / Camargo, Eduardo G. -- Homo Coca-Colens: From Marketing to Semiotics and Politics / Cinquin, Chantal -- The Semiotic Diagnosis of Marketing Culture / Magariños de Morentin, Juan A. -- Advertising and Gender -- ‘Sex Sells’: Comment on Gender Images and Myth in Advertising / MacCannell, Dean -- Advertising Manipulates Women’s Lib / Flick, Marian -- Contributors -- Index of Subjects

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